Call to Orange County Municipalities: Clean Heating and Cooling Campaign

Written by: Lauren Brois on Sep 11th 2018

PILOT ROUND of the HeatSmart-CoolSmart-CoolSmart Orange Program open for applications from Orange County municipalities. 

Energize NY and the HeatSmart-CoolSmart Orange Campaign Team requests submissions from Orange County communities – either (a) cities, towns, and villages or (b) a coalition of towns and / or villages (one joint application may be submitted on behalf of the applying coalition) – to participate in the pilot HeatSmart-CoolSmart Orange campaign launching in January 2019 and concluding in Fall 2019! 

The objective of HeatSmart-CoolSmart Orange is to significantly ramp up the rate of clean heating and cooling (ie. geothermal and air source heat pump) system adoption and energy efficiency in participating communities in Orange County. By building and servicing a demand for clean energy options in home heating and cooling, the HeatSmart-CoolSmart Orange Program seeks simultaneously to displace high cost heating fuel (propane, heating oil) while lowering local greenhouse emissions. 

If you would like your community to participate, encourage your community’s leaders to complete a Request for Information (RFI), which can be found below. To be eligible for the selection process, please contact Energize NY.  

For the full announcement download the RFI documents: 

Click below for a preview of the benefits included in a HeatSmart Community Partnership and Campaign.