Meet Comfy the Energized House!

Written by: Lauren Brois on Nov 27th 2018


Hi there! I’m Comfy the Energized House. I’m here to help your house get its cozy on!

Cold drafts? High heating bills? Not for me! I’m cozy warm this winter because I signed up for Energize NY's home energy efficiency program. It all started when Energize NY put me in touch with a BPI certified contractor who gave me a super thorough energy assessment. They showed me where I was losing heat and wasting money on my electric bill. Then they gave me a detailed report about what I could do to seal up the drafts and be so much more comfortable while saving a ton money! In no time at all they were done with my energy upgrades and I was left to reap the benefits! The best part is that I can look forward to lower electric bills this summer when my AC comes on. To get started making your home comfy too, sign up for a home energy assessment! There are many ways you can sign up, the application can be done online here or give the friendly Energize NY team a call at 914-302-7300 (press 1) or email them at and tell them Comfy sent you!

Good luck!