Building Science Primer at the Bedford 2020 Environmental Summit and Solar Action Day

Jan 31st 2015
Fox Lane High School New York 172, Bedford, NY 10506
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Building Science Primer: Why Today’s Homes Are Outdated Energy Guzzlers, & What You Can Do about It will be held during Workshop Session 1, from 10:15am-11:30am

Norm Jen, Energize New York’s “Energy Coach” and energy-efficiency guru and a certified Building Performance Institute contractor, will explain how homes are constructed and what’s going on behind the walls in your attic and basement. Get answers to questions like… Why are my winter heating bills so high? Do I have to live with drafts in my home? What causes cold spots and freezing floors? How do I know if the air quality in my home is healthy? After Norm’s talk, you’ll get a chance to see home energy efficiency measurement tools up-close and in action: the blower door test, infrared measurement tool, and more.

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Speaker: Norm Jen, Certified Building Performance Contractor, and Energize New York’s “Energy Coach”

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